SkyTest® Preparation Software for Cargolux Screening 1.2 (old version)

This software acquaints you with the screening tests you will encounter at Swiss (Stage I (former selection), II and III), Cargolux screening (former selection), LOT Polish Airlines, PGA / TAP Express Group, HiFly and Air Mauritius. The software compiles four menu items. Precise information on the individual tests can be found in the adjoining list. more...

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Preparation modules
Aircraft Positioning Test
Map Test
Vigilance Test

Attention: This product is outdated. The new replacing software is available here.

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Test Information

At menu item Test Information useful information on screening at Swiss and Cargolux is provided. You will learn about the approaches underlying the test setups and be given instructions for a successful preparation in a test manual.


Operational Abilities

In this menu item you obtain access to the tests you can train for the following diagnostic fields with:

  • memory
  • capacity for and control of attention
  • spatial comprehension
  • psychomotor and multiple task capabilities

All tests can be practiced in predefined or customized setup to attain enhancing preparation results. A comprehensive analysis tool shows performance after every test run and tracks success throughout training.

Tests designed for preparation for Swiss and Cargolux screening specifically are supplemented by additional tests you may take with the objective to enhance your performance in the diagnostic fields mentioned above with.


Knowledge (Science)

Tests in the areas of mathematics and physics/technology are available in this menu item. Whereas science tests are subject of nearly any assessment center in aviation, the tests of this software have been compiled for a sound preparation for the tasks you may expect at Swiss and Cargolux screening.


Training Plan

The integrated training plan gives you the opportunity to prepare for your suitability test extremely effectively. With the regular training, constantly monitored by the program your abilities will be promoted right up to examination level. This training plan allows you to define the tests that you would like to practise for your suitability test. It is possible to set up a defined weekly training plan and specify when you will carry out the practice applications. The program will challenge you for training as often as necessary until you have reached your defined target result. As soon as you show a certain level of consistency and regularly achieve the desired result in the individual test, the program will less often include it in your training plan. If it turns out, however, that you have tended to get worse results in such a test, the program sees to it that this test will occur more frequently in your training plan. This will on the medium term ensure that your results return to a consistently high level.


Randomly Generated Tasks

All the tasks are randomly generated, i.e. there are a very great number of tasks that you may be asked to undertake. So, for example, in dice unfolding the same display practically never appears twice. This has the advantage that no "familiarity breed contempt" effect sets in, as when the same tasks are repeatedly set. The same goes for all the other tests and for the mental arithmetic: Each task set is created by the random generator, so that the same tasks are very seldom repeated. All the same the results of the calculations task are always sensible, whole numbers. It is also worth mentioning the training module for gearing: each new instruction for the displayed cogwheels is also randomly generated.



Training modules of SkyTest® software products are similar to the original tasks but not meant to simulate or reproduce actual tests. As this is a preparation product all modules were designed under the premises to deliver gradual performance enhancements in those ability domains identified crucial for a successful airline screening participation.


System Requirements

The program runs on any PC with at least 1 GHz processor and 256 MB Ram, a modern graphics card and Windows® XP®, Windows® Vista® or Windows® 7 / 8 / 10. It should also work on slower computers, but perhaps not quite so efficiently. Headphones are recommended for the sound. Input as a rule is via keyboard and mouse, some tests can also be carried out with the joystick.




Airlines and FTOs

  • SAAIR Safety Assessment Flight
  • Vienna Test System (VTS)
  • Pegasus Airlines (Vienna Test System)
  • EVA Airways
  • Flight Training Taiwan
  • LOT Polish Airlines
  • PGA / TAP Express Group
  • HiFly
  • Alitalia
  • Air France
  • Wideroe
  • Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • IBF Saarlouis
  • ... and others

Product Packages

SkyTest® Preparation Software for Cargolux Screening with Pilots Reference Guide    EUR 129.90