Pilots Reference Guide (Hardcover)

by Michael GrossrubatscherPilRef Hardcover 250

The PilotsReference Guide© is a comprehensive summarization of many abstract topics for pilots, engineers and aviation enthusiasts. It can be effectively used to prepare for ATPL exams and airline interviews.

The PilotsReference Guide© closes the knowledge gap between your airline's operating manual and the airplane's operating handbook all in one handy volume. It fits in your flight bag easily and you can refresh your valuable ATPL knowledge while away from home.

It explains one main subject area on one spread double page with the text on the left and all relevant graphics on the right side. The table of contents enables a quick start to the desired subject areas or specific topics

The pocket sized book contains:

  • 308 Pages
  • 538 Colored graphics, graphs and pics
  • 132 Text pages (English)
  • 132 Graphic Pages
  • 166 Formulas
  • 84 Tables
  • General Directory, Specific Directory
  • Complete Directory
  • Keyword Index

ISBN 9783000241727

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