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EasyJet recruits 450 new pilots

EasyJet announced that it will recruit more than 450 new pilots. Positions available range from Cadet pilots starting their career, experienced co-pilots from other airlines to Direct Entry Captains.


Of the 450 positions, 400 will be Cadet pilots and experienced co-pilots and 50 Direct Entry Captains, EasyJet said in a statement. For new cadets undertaking their training with CTC Aviation, CAE or FTE Jerez, many will have the opportunity to apply for all or part of their training loan underwritten by the airline.


We recommend our SkyTest® Preparation Software for UK Pilot Aptitude Screenings to as a training tool for assessment process. (2016/04/21)

Next round of British Airways Future Pilot Programme

BA announced another opportunity to apply for their Future Pilot Programme (FPP). According to the airline applications can be submitted through its website from 11th November to 26th November 2013.

Selected applicants will be trained by one of the three British Airways partner flight schools CAE OAA (Oxford Aviation Academy), CTC Aviation and FTE Jerez. SkyTest® has preparation software available for the screenings of all three flight schools. If you attend CAE OAA for the aptitude tests, we recommend our SkyTest® Preparation Software for Middle East Pilot Screenings. For the testings of CTC Aviation and FTE Jerez we recommend our SkyTest® Preparation Software for UK Pilot Aptitude Screenings.

Further reading: British Airways to hire 800 ab inito pilots until 2016. (2013/11/01)

Lufthansa to accept new flight students for 2014

Lufthansa intends to accept 120 new flight students in 2014 in nine courses. Flight students are likely to start their careers with Lufthansa low cost subsidiary Germanwings. Lufthansa had paused the enrollment of flight students in August 2012 citing fulfilled recruiting plans throughout 2015.

We recommend our SkyTest® Preparation Software for DLR 1 Screening and our SkyTest® Preparation Software for DLR 2 Screening to prepare for the assessment center. (2013/10/30)

Job Opportunities for B747-Captains and F/Os at Cargolux Italia

Cargolux subsidiary Cargolux Italia is eager to fill vacancies in its pilot staffing. The Milan Malpensa based freight airline annouced job opportunities for B747-400 type-rated captains with 5.000 hours total experience and F/Os (min requirement: 2.500 hours total). Captains will be able to join Cargolux Italia as early as summer while F/O hirings are scheduled to commence later in 2013, the airline writes.

SkyTest® Preparation Software for Cargolux screening helps you prepare for the pre-hiring test Cargolux Italia is currently inviting applicants with matching CVs and career profiles to. (2013/06/07)

Hiring Sprees at easyJet and flydubai

Timetable Dubai LondonThe low-cost airlines easyJet and flydubai kicked off extensive hiring campaigns to fill vacant cockpit positions.

UK LCC easyJet is looking to sign in 200 ab-initio and direct-entry pilots by 2014, easyJet`s Head of Flight Operations Cpt. Bryan Tyrell announced this week. Pilots with a military background are invited to make their transition into civil aviation with easyJet, the company said. easyJet also launched a new cadet MPL-programme with its training partners CTC Aviation and CAE Parc Aviation.

Dubai-based start-up airline flydubai is hiring Boeing 737 pilots to support its aggressive growth plans – the airline will take delivery of a new aircraft every month until the end of 2015 and started a global campaign to attract pilots into the company.  flydubai is offering an attractive tax-free compensation and benefits package, but requires a minimum experience of 1.500 flight hours for 737 type-rated pilots and a 2.500 hours for non 737 type-rated applicants.

Pilot applicants with easyJet and flydubai have to pass a pre-hiring screening hosted by CTC Aviation. SkyTest® recommends its SkyTest® Preparation Software for UK Pilot Aptitude Screenings to prep up for this test. Training specialist ATTC also hosts on-site courses for a diligent CBT and interview preparation in cooperation with us in London and Dubai (Next courses: April 10th-12th at London Stansted Airport (UK), April 26th-28th in Dubai (UAE)).  (2013/03/28)

Germany: LGW recruits pilots for Bombardier Q400 and Embraer 190

Q400 TurbopropGermany based regional airline and Air Berlin affiliate LGW (Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter) recruits Captains and First Officers for its Bombardier Q400 and Embraer 190 fleet. Applications are submitted through personnel service agency Interpersonal, screenings are conducted by LGW in Dortmund.

According to SkyTest® information LGW uses the Advanced COMPASS™ Test Battery. To prepare for it, we recommend the SkyTest® Preparation Software for Middle East Carrier Screenings which contains several training modules for the COMPASS™ Test (modules from "Pilot Aptitude Tests" tab in the software and "Math Word Problems" from "Maths" tab). (2012/12/19, image: Douchet Quentin, GFDL/CC) Vacancies for B737 First Officers

Jet2 220British low-cost airline is currently recruiting First Officers for its Boeing 737 fleet, based in Belfast, Blackpool, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle. According to, candidates will possess a valid Type Rating for the B737 and have a minimum of 500 hours on type. It is also essential to have a minimum of 300 hours on B737 within the last 24 months, a UK issued JAR ATPL licence or EASA license and a valid UK issued Class One Medical.

To apply for this job, please visit

The assessment day will involve several exercises including a group exercise and a 1:1 interview. According to our information there has also been used the COMPASS™ Test at recent pilot selections. To prepare for these computer based testing, you may use the SkyTest® Preparation Software for Middle East Carrier Screenings which has been developed to practise for the COMPASS™ and other tests in advance.

Additionally, SkyTest® offers trainings in cooperation with ATTC Europe at London Stansted Airport. Next scheduled training is on December 18 to 20. Our 3 days intensive courses comprise:

  • Introduction to computer-based tests
  • Assisted software training and continuous performance analysis
  • Maths, technical and language knowledge
  • Psychological questionnaire workshop
  • Comprehensive team exercises training
  • Interview preparation
  • Premium support until the upcoming test

Click here for more information and to make an early reservation. (2012/11/25)

British Airways to hire 800 ab inito pilots until 2016

British Airways Future Pilot Programme FPPBA Nachtcockpit

The applicants are recruited in context of the so-called Future Pilot Programme (FPP) and will be trained by the three British Airways partner flight schools OAA (Oxford Aviation Academy), CTC Aviation and FTE Jerez.

The programme offers training for ab initio applicants, who endeavour to receive a subsidised training that is similar to that offered by Lufthansa or Swiss. The application is to be submitted on the British Airways website. Important: Apply within the given time slot during which the online-applications will be accepted. Presently, this time slot is:

19th of November until 13th of December, 2012.

In the course of the online-application procedure, the prospective British Airways pilots already select the FTO (Flight Training Organisation) where the education will take place. In this regard, under certain circumstances, the applicant’s place of residence might also play a relevant role in the decision-making process; the two UK-based flight schools OAA and CTC are located in Oxford and Southampton, and FTE Jerez is in Spain.

The prerequisites for being accepted to participate in the attractive FPP are, among others:

  • The right to work and the right of residence for Great Britain (generally speaking, this is normally the given case for EU inhabitants)
  • A good command of English, fluent both in speaking and writing
  • Medical Class 1
  • Age 18 to 55 years


The recruitment tests will be conducted at one of the three flight schools

Provided the conditions are complied with, the applicants may expect to receive an invitation to a recruitment test at one of the three flight schools, where the test will be conducted. Regarding the capacitive elements, it will consist of a mix between the Advanced Compass™ Test or the PilApt™ Test for the capacitive aspects, as well as a typical pilot test assessment for the psychological elements, such as group exercise/teamwork and an interview.

In general, the tests last for about two days and, depending on the flight school, the tests might differ slightly.


The final interview will be conducted at British Airways in London

Following the recruitment tests and a successful assessment, the flight school will forward a recommendation to the “British Airways Recruiting Centre” at London Heathrow airport. There the final interview will be conducted prior to the start of training.


SkyTest® preparation software

SkyTest® has preparation software available for the screenings of all three flight schools. As far as you attend Oxford Aviation Academy for the aptitude tests, please select SkyTest® Preparation Software for Middle East Carrier Screenings. For the testings of CTC Aviation and FTE Jerez we are going to release a brandnew preparation software suite in December 2012.


Three days of intensive preparation at ATTC®  in cooperation with SkyTest®

The complete recruitment test can be trained at ATTC® at the locations in Frankfurt and London. This targeted training lasts 3 days and is carried out in cooperation with SkyTest®. Already prior to the start of the seminar the very latest training software for the capacitive elements of the procedure will be available in the form of a download. In the course of the 3-day seminar phase, at one of the ATTC locations and subsequent to an ability assessment, an individual training plan with personal targeted performance values will be generated.

A key focal point during the presence phase will be the psychological aspects of the recruitment process. The training plan comprises targeted preparation of all group games as well as the interview. As is customary at ATTC®, the option of repeating all training contents free of charge is given, provided this is done within the framework of the respective repeater weeks.

The costs for preparing for the entire procedure amount to GBP 750 / EUR 880.

The first ATTC/SkyTest test preparations already start in November; the exact dates can be found in the course overview which is to be found on the ATTC homepage. Next dates:

  • Nov. 20 to 22 in Frankfurt
  • Nov. 28 to 30 in London-Stansted
  • Dec. 18 to 20 in London-Stansted [NEW]

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on the Future Pilot Programme of British Airways. We would be happy to provide personal assistance; you can reach us from Mondays to Fridays during the normal business hours at +44 20 3286 7744.


More information

(effective: 2012/11/17)

Air Berlin to hire FOs for its A320 and B737 fleets

Air Berlin is hiring ready entry FOs for its Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 fleets. The airline is looking preferably for pilots with current type ratings for these aircraft types and a flight experience of 500+ hours. The vacancies are offered as permanent employment positions.

Interested pilots may look up additional information on the website of the Interpersonal company, which also accepts online applications on behalf of Air Berlin. (2011/02/23)

Austrian to re-commence hiring and training of pilots

The Lufthansa subsidiary Austrian Airlines re-commences its screenings for vacant ab initio and ready entry level pilot positions. Screenings (BU/GU, FU/FQ) are conducted at the DLR-facilities in the city of Hamburg. (2010/11/22)

DHL is hiring First Officers for B757-200

DHL (European Air Transport) is hiring First Officers with Boeing B757-200 type rating at its Leipzig base. The job opportunity has a permanent contract, no specific flight experience is required. Screenings are conducted by Interpersonal. For more information, please visit

To prepare for the screening, we recommend to use the "SkyTest® Preparation Software for Air Berlin etc." which contains training modules for most of the tests expected at the screening. For interview preparation it is recommended to use the books "Pilots Reference Guide" (technical interview part) and "SkyTest® Airline-Interview" (psychological interview part). "SkyTest® Preparation Software for Air Berlin etc." and "Airline-Interview" are currently only available in Germany language. (2010/11/15)

Lufthansa to re-commence hiring of ready-entry pilots

After a hiring freeze during the financial crisis Deutsche Lufthansa accepts applications from ready-entry pilots for its FY 2011. Pilots may submit their documents for openings at Lufthansa Passage and the Airbus narrow-body fleets of Lufthansa Italia.

Lufthansa CityLine hiring pilots for Munich base

Lufthansa CityLine is hiring pilots for its Munich base. Applications are filed with Interpersonal, screenings will be conducted by DLR Hamburg on behalf of Lufthansa CityLine. Futher information is available online at (2010/04/29)

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