Successful Pilot Interviews

PilotInterviews300How To Master The Art Of The Interview & Land Your Dream Flying Job!


by Gregory Youngs


This book was written to help my fellow pilot's achieve their career goals. If you have been in the aviation game for any length of time, you have probably met a number of well qualified pilots who can't seem to land a quality flying job. The flip side of this coin is that you have probably also met some minimally qualified pilots who were able to land excellent flying jobs. It is true that sometimes people get "lucky" and stumble into great jobs. But that is the exception to the rule. Very often, the only difference between these two groups of pilots comes down to interviewing skills. The interview is the final hurdle between you and the job that you truly desire. As pilots a big part of our job is about preparation. We spend hours studying aircraft systems and planning our flights. Why should we should approach achieving our career goals any less seriously? Don't let poor interviews skills keep you from the job you really want! Polishing your interview skills will give you a significant edge over your competition, who often show up unprepared and without an accurate understanding of what is the employer is looking for in a candidate. So read carefully, take notes and significantly increase your chances for success with your next interview. This book will arm you with the tools and techniques required to land your dream flying job. Some of what you will learn includes: What are employers looking for in a pilot? Logbooks and documents. How to dress. Grooming. Getting the gouge. Critical do's and don'ts. Relaxation techniques. HR type questions. Technical questions. How to handle tough interview tactics. What questions to ask the interviewer. Post-interview. Networking tips. Interview tips from a chief pilot. And much more...


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