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General Task

The FQ-Simulator requires participants to navigate an aircraft through several tracks by instrument flight rules. Standard cockpit instruments are your only guidance in this test. You are to conduct the flight with a minimum of deviation from track.

SkyTest® FQ-Simulator Preparation Software

FQ Simulator Sim Screenshot 300The SkyTest® FQ-Simulator software module provides a comprehensive tool for sound preparation. The software will acquaint you with the tasks relevant in actual DLR screening and the basic rules of instrument flight. You will learn to interpret legs like straights, turns and procedure turns in the context of your respective flight attitude. With some training experience you will find it easier to derive the correct steering decisions and conduct a proper flight by instrument navigation. The software comprises an extensive analysis tool to measure and track your training performance with. Features in detail:

  • Instrument Flight Simulator designed for DLR FQ-preparation.
  • Predesigned and custom tracks. Software comprises all standard legs including additional climb and descent flight tasks. You may organize your tracks in a track management tool and share tracks with other users.
  • Comprehensive setting options for early and advanced level training – such as additional navigation information on display, control options, custom environmental impacts, aircraft and steering response setting and graphic options.
  • Extensive after-flight analysis that states vertical and horizontal deviation from track to review your performance in detail.
  • Audio and visual secondary tasks (stereo hearing test and arithmetical problems) to enhance your multi-tasking capacity with.
  • Comprehensive electronic user manual with additional background information.




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Main Menu



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Select the flight tracks you would like to practise



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Create your own flight tracks



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Analyse your flight in details



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Options Menu for individual configurations


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