SkyTest® Preparation Software for ATCO Screenings

SkyTest® Preparation Software for ATCO Screenings is a comprehensive and integrated software solution for attendees of assessment-centers held by European air navigation service providers. Training modules included in this software were developed for a purposeful preparation for computer-based aptitude tests and psychological assessments. more...

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Windows™ Edition
Multi Control Test for FEAST Stage 2
Preparation modules for FEAST Test
Preparation modules for DLR/DFS Test
Dynamic Radar Test
Radar Simulation
Strip Display Management Test
Coordinate System Test
Planning Ability Test

(This product is available in English as well as in German language. Because you are visiting our English website, you see the English version of this product.)


The software provides training modules developed for a preparation for ATCO screenings at DLR (DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung), Austro Control, Skyguide and those conducted by the means of First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test (FEAST).


FEAST is a rather recent approach in screening of ab initio air traffic controllers that becomes increasingly important, nevertheless. As of 2015 more than 40 military and civil European air navigation service providers have already implemented FEAST into their selection procedures.


Air navigation service providers that screen their applicants with FEAST include EUROCONTROL, NATS of UK, NAVIAIR of Denmark, NAV Portugal and most atc organizations from Eastern Europe to mention just a few.


Performance Characteristics

SkyTest® Preparation Software for ATCO Screenings 2.1 compiles a total of 32 training modules including programs of highest complexity such as Strip Display Management Test, Radar Simulation and Road Capacity Test. A list of all test modules included in this software is displayed in the frame right to this text with brief information on each test.


In the software navigation menu the training modules are arranged in accordance with the respective selection process they address. This system allows for a sound and purposeful preparation, even if time is running short till screening.


NEW: Multi Control Test and other modules

This product contains a supplemental program which includes an additional training module, dubbed Multi Control Test (MCT), for FEAST Stage 2 preparation. Multi Control Test puts you in the role of an air traffic controller and in charge of a control sector. You navigate air traffic through a network of waypoints and resolve conflicts before they occur. A concurrent audio task claims aural attention.


Furthermore, this new add-on features extended training modules for Memorize Pictograms, Spot the side, Math (Math Word Problems, Mental Arithmetic, Number Series and Numerical Estimation), Physics (Electricty, Magnetism, Mechanics, Optics, Thermodynamics and Waves) and Technical Comprehension.

Training Plan

An integrated training plan gives you the opportunity to prepare for your test extremely effectively. With the regular training, constantly monitored by the program your abilities will be promoted right up to examination level. This training plan allows you to define the tests that you would like to practice for your screening. It is possible to set up a defined weekly training plan and specify when you will carry out the practice applications. The program will challenge you for training as often as necessary until you have reached your defined target result. As soon as you show a certain level of consistency and regularly achieve the desired result in the individual test, the program will less often include it in your training plan. If it turns out, however, that you have tended to get worse results in such a test, the program sees to it that this test will occur more frequently in your training plan. This will on the medium term ensure that your results return to a consistently high level.


Randomly Generated Tasks

All the tasks are randomly generated, i.e. there are a very great number of tasks that you may be asked to undertake. So, for example, in dice unfolding the same display practically never appears twice. This has the advantage that no "familiarity breed contempt" effect sets in, as when the same tasks are repeatedly set. The same goes for all the other tests and for the mental arithmetic: Each task set is created by the random generator, so that the same tasks are very seldom repeated. All the same the results of the calculations task are always sensible, whole numbers. It is also worth mentioning the training module for gearing: each new instruction for the displayed cogwheels is also randomly generated.



Training modules of SkyTest® software products are similar to the original tasks but not meant to simulate or reproduce actual tests. As this is a preparation product all modules were designed under the premises to deliver gradual performance enhancements in those ability domains identified crucial for a successful airline screening participation.


System Requirements

The program runs on any PC with at least 1 GHz processor and 512 MB Ram, a modern graphics card and Windows® XP®, Windows® Vista® or Windows® 7 / 8 / 10. It should also work on slower computers, but perhaps not quite so efficiently. Headphones are recommended for the sound. Input as a rule is via keyboard and mouse. For Stress Tolerance Test it is recommended to use pedals. For Divided Attention Test DirectX® is required (is contained by the cd and can be also downloaded here).




Instant Download

Even if there is little time left till your aptitude screening SkyTest® can support your preparation. Select the "download" option in the order process and pay using a credit card or PayPal® to obtain a download link and access to the software within a few hours.

Air Traffic Controls

  • FEAST (Eurocontrol)
  • Albania (ANTA)
  • Austria (AustroControl)
  • Belgium (Belgocontrol)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHANSA)
  • Bulgaria (BULATSA)
  • Croatia (Croatia Control Ltd.)
  • Cyprus (ACC)
  • Czech Republic (ŘLP ČR)
  • Denmark (Naviair)
  • Estonia (Lennuliiklusteeninduse)
  • Finland (Finavia)
  • Germany (DFS/DLR)
  • Hungary (HungaroControl)
  • Iceland (ISAVIA)
  • Ireland (IAA)
  • Latvia (Latvian ATC)
  • Lithuania (ANS)
  • Luxembourg (ANA)
  • Macedonia (DGCA)
  • Malta (MATS)
  • Moldova (MoldATSA)
  • Netherlands (LVNL)
  • Norway (Avinor)
  • Poland (PANSA)
  • Portugal (NAV)
  • Romania (ROMATSA)
  • Serbia (SMATSA)
  • Slovakia (LPS SR)
  • Slovenia (Slovenia Control)
  • Spain (AENA)
  • Sweden (The LFV Group)
  • Switzerland (Skyguide)
  • Turkey (DGCA)
  • Ukraine (UkSATSE)
  • United Arab Emirates (GCAA)

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