Frequently Asked Questions

SkyTest® Software on Mac OS

1. When installing on Mac OS, I get the error message "Operation could not be completed. ( error -1.)"

Open up the package file info with CMD-I or rightclick + get info on the .pkg file and change "Open with" in Installer.

2. SkyTest® Mac version does not launch on my Mac.

Does your Mac maybe have the new Apple M1/M2 chip? Then you have to run SkyTest app with Rosetta. This can be done the following way:

1. Find the app in your Applications folder.
2. Select the app, and then press Command-I (or right-click/use the
File menu and select Get Info.). This will open an Info window with
details about the app.
3. In the Info window, look for a checkbox labeled, “Open using
Rosetta”. Check the box.
4. Close the Info window.
5. If you’re already running the app, quit and relaunch.

3. Does SkyTest® software run on MAC OS® system environments?

Some SkyTest products are already available for Mac OS. Please pay attention to the Apple icon in the upper right corner of the product description page.

However, for SkyTest® preparation software products that do not run on Mac, you may install Bootcamp® or emulate a Windows® environment using VMWare® or Parallels Desktop®.

For permanent use on MAC, it is recommended to run the software with the desktop icon in administrator mode because otherwise the software can not save settings and results.