Frequently Asked Questions

SkyTest® Preparation Software for DLR 2 Screening (FQ/FU)

1. Simulator flight interrupted by error notice 19021.

Please check whether your screen saver activated itself and set a longer period before screen saver is activated.

2. I cannot open software in my Microsoft Windows Vista® system environment.

This problem has already been fixed by our developers. Please download a revised copy of the software from your customer account.

3. I receive an Overflow error notice starting the software.

There might be too many control devices active (problem known with “Saitek Pro Flight Yoke™”). Put all throttles not needed in full thrust position do deactivate them (blue and red throttles).

4. RCT analysis does not show correct score in team player mode.

Please make sure both training partners operate with the same settings at Windows® Control Panels -> Regional and Language Options.

5. The course map in the FQ simulator is not displayed correctly.

This problem occurs with laptops or PCs with integrated Intel graphics card and additional external graphics card.
To solve the problem, disable the Intel graphics card via the Device Manager and update the drivers for the external graphics card.